The sight of this colossal truck has been known to silence even the most chatter prone two-year olds, and occasionally even their parents. There's nothing like it!

This truck has to be seen in real life in order to be believed. Built by General Motors of Canada, the 1974 Terex Titan – all 350 tonnes, 66 feet and 3,300 horsepower of it – lives in Sparwood. Two Greyhound buses and 2 pickups can fit into the box, all at once!

Things you should know about the Truck:

Height = 6.88m (22'7")

Height with Box Raised = 17.07m (56')

Length = 20.09m (65'11")

Width = 7.57m (24'10")

Weight = 260 tonnes

Payload = 350 tonnes