Street Art Banner Program

The District of Sparwood is pleased to launch the Street Art Banner Program. This program is designed to capture the work of local artists for display on long lasting banners hung throughout the community. The Street Art Banner Program is designed to beautify the community, celebrate local artists, and preserve and celebrate local heritage through the display of art. 

Calling all artists! The District is requesting submissions for the 2021 Street Art Banner Program.

Find full details below.

  • The Street Art Banner Program is designed to encourage, promote and celebrate local heritage, arts and culture through the display of artistic street banners hung on community utility poles. 

    The banners, which will be composed of an aluminum composite material, will allow for digitally printed artwork to be sourced from a any artistic medium.

    The primary objectives of the Street Art Banner Program are:

    • Beautification of the community
    • Supporting the development of local artists
    • Celebrating local artists and supporting their development
    • Preserving and celebrating local heritage through art
    • Sharing the stories of Sparwood 
    • Displaying and promote the work of local artists.

    Find the full Street Art Banner Program Policy here.

  • Submissions will only be considered during the "Call for Art Submissions" period, running from January 8, 2021 to February 19, 2021 at 11:59 pm MST.


    In order to be considered by the Advisory Group, all art submissions must conform to the following. 


    • Art may be of any medium – including photographs but must be able to be digitally reproduced and correctly scaled to the dimension of the banner.


    • Art must fall under the scope of heritage, environment, connection to community, and love of Sparwood.

    • The use of text should be limited.

    • Artwork must have a discernible, direct link to the District of Sparwood and the Elk Valley.

    • Any banners containing information or displaying images that contain controversial, contentious, or provocative content or are deemed by the advisory group to be objectionable will not be eligible for selection. 


    • Vivid and contrasting colors and tones are preferred. Art must be clearly visible and legible under low light or when viewed from a distance. 

    • Any text shown must be clearly visible from a minimum of 20 meters.


    • Each artist may submit a maximum of two (2) pieces for consideration. Photos of the original piece are preferred.

    All artwork must be submitted with the artists name, contact information, piece title, and brief description of the art on the Street Art Banner Program Submission Form.

    • In order for selected art to be printed on banners, the art must be able to be scaled to fit a 30" x 60" dimension. A high quality / high resolution image must be provided or the original artwork must be made available to be photographed.

    • Art submissions will be considered from any resident who resides within the Columbia Basin; however, selection preference will be given to artists residing in Sparwood or the Elk Valley.

    By submitting artwork for consideration for the Street Art Banner Program, the artist warrants and represents that they are the owner of the artwork, and the artist hereby grants to the District of Sparwood the right to use the art for the designated purpose of the Street Art Banner Program. The District of Sparwood will have rights to use digital images of the art or banners in all forms of media and communications to promote the District of Sparwood. 

    Submissions can be forwarded to:

    Jenna Jensen
    District of Sparwood
    Box 520, 136 Spruce Avenue
    Sparwood, BC V0B 2G0


    Street Banner Advisory Group

    The Street Art Banner Program will be administered by the District through a five (5) person Street Banner Advisory Group which shall be appointed by Council annually until the Street Art Banner Program is discontinued.  The Committee will be comprised of the following representatives:

    • A member of the Sparwood and District Arts and Heritage Council;

    • A District of Sparwood staff member;

    • A member of Council;

    • A Sparwood senior representative; and 

    • A Sparwood youth representative.

    Selection Criteria

    The Advisory Group will use the following criteria when evaluating art submissions. 

    • Submissions will be evaluated without names.

    • All submission criteria and eligibility requirements must be met.

    • Creativity, originality, and overall impression of the art.

    • The relevance and likely appeal to the community audience.

    • The ability of the art to enhance the beauty of the community.

    • The quality of the artwork submitted.


    Once the Advisory Group has evaluated the submissions, they will provide Council with their recommendations on artwork to be reproduced and used in the Street Art Banner Program.  Council will then review the recommendations and award the successful art submissions.  All artists will be notified of Council’s decision, and artists will receive a $500 honorarium for artwork that is selected for production into a street banner.

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