There's loads to do and more to be discovered

You can golf, mountain bike, relax at the pool, or check out the action in the arena! Those of us who live here are privileged to be a part of a community that offers so many opportunities for activities and lifestyle. Whether you're seeking the great outdoors or interested in indoor opportunities, there's something here for everyone.

Find information on dog licences, wildlife concerns, lost or found pet, and more.

Animals & Pets

Find art and cultural activities in Sparwood, including dance, cooking, photography, Farmers Market, library, museum and more.

Arts & Culture

Honour memories of lost family and friends.


Looking for fun in Sparwood? Visit our Community Events page to find out what is happening.

Community Events

Being prepared for any emergency is as simple as planning ahead.

Emergency Services

Learn what you can do to reduce your impact on the environment.

Environment & Energy

Find out when garbage collection in your neighbourhood is scheduled or how you can reduce your family’s waste.

GARBAGE & Recycling

The District of Sparwood has numerous resources to help you comply with our bylaws and property standards for your home renovation and construction projects.

Home, Property & Development

Explore Sparwood by using our interactive map or downloading one of our various zoning, transportation or trails maps.


The District of Sparwood offers a variety of programs and activities to promote and encourage active participation for all ages.

Parks & Recreation

Find out information about minimum standards for property owners to ensure residential properties are safe and properly maintained.

Property Use & Maintenance

Find information on health services available in Sparwood or how you can contribute to the health of the community.

Public Health

See a problem that needs fixing or have a special request that we can help out on?

Report a Problem or Request Service

There are a number of ways that the District of Sparwood, in partnership with regional, provincial and federal levels of government can assist individuals and families …

Social & Community Services

Whether you are walking, cycling or driving, transportation play a major role in our day-to-day activities…

Streets & Transportation

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, gain valuable experience, have fun, and get involved in the community…


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