The Sparwood Fire Department takes a proactive approach in reducing the potential hazards and risks of fire through inspections and enforcement of codes, standards and regulations which are designed to provide preventative measures to reduce the start and spread of fire

Keep your home and business safe from fire

Do you need a burning permit, a smoke alarm, or do you want to book a training session with the fire experts?

Fire prevention starts with you!

Here are a few precautions you can take to help prevent fire in your home. Discuss these precautions with members of your household and remember fires are easier to prevent then fight.

  • Install several smoke alarms in your home. Place at least one on every level. Consider installing additional alarms in bedrooms of heavy sleepers and children.
  • Connect hard-wired smoke alarms directly to the backup power system, or install a battery-powered smoke alarm on every level of your home in case of power failure.
  • Test smoke alarms every month. Replace backup batteries once a year.
  • Vacuum smoke alarms at least once every six months. Replace smoke alarms as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure everyone sleeps with their bedroom door closed at night. This will help to keep fire and smoke out of bedrooms and will provide you with valuable time to make your escape.