Sparwood has exceptional water quality. Our Rocky Mountain location has its advantages!

The District is surrounded by a number of flowing bodies of water, including the Elk River, Michel Creek, Cummings (Wilson) Creek, Alexander Creek and their respective tributaries. In addition to great potability, the The Elk River and Michel Creek are world class fishing streams.

Drinking Water

The District's water is drawn from wells all greater than 15m (50') in depth and is delivered to your tap at 5-8 degrees Celsius (+40-45 degrees Fahrenheit). Two primary wells are located near Mackenzie Springs and one in Sparwood Proper. The water supply is not chlorinated. As of January 1, 2015, the District of Sparwood ceased to fluoridate the municipal water supply. 

Wastewater Management

The District's Wastewater (Sewage) Treatment Plant is located at the Public Works Yard (477 Pine Avenue) and provides secondary treatment through an extended aeration system and oxidation ditch, with ultraviolet as its disinfection system. It also provides wasting through a centrifuge process.

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