The District of Sparwood has a collection of interactive online and printable maps available to download

Whatever you are looking for, whether it is regulatory such as zoning, trails, or civic address and road maps. You can find them here.
  • Browse our unofficial zoning map online below based on our Zoning Bylaw
    • Pan by clicking and dragging on the map;
    • Zoom using the + and - symbol or by double-clicking on the map; and
    • The >>  button will open the legend.
    • When you click on a parcel a pop up will show you windows that you can click through the arrow at the top of the pop up for the legal information and zoning.
    • Once you find out what zone applies to your property, review the Zoning Bylaw here.

    View larger map

  • Find printable maps for transportation, parks and others at the District of Sparwood