The Youth Advisory Commission's mandate is to engage and empower local youth in the development and oversight of a local Youth Network, with the goal of providing relevant programs, projects, and events for Sparwood youth

The Commission was established September 19, 2016 by Youth Advisory Commission Bylaw 1191 and meets on the second Tuesday of February, June, September and November at 12:05 pm in  Room 117 at Sparwood Secondary School, located at 101 Pine Spur Drive.


The Commission consists of a minimum of five and no more than nine members, which are comprised of:

  • a representative of Council;
  • a minimum of two high school students;
  • the Director of Community and Facility Services; and
  • community stakeholders who reside within the municipality or Electoral Area A.
Commission Objectives

Generally, the Commission's role is to facilitate the development and oversee the operations of a Youth Network within the District with respect to:

  • Planning, organizing and hosting of recreational opportunities, park amenities, student activities, volunteer opportunities and other youth orientated community events;
  • Develop and propose plans that support or improve the above programs;
  • Oversee the activities of the Youth Network, including monitoring and evaluation;
  • Support youth initiatives in Sparwood;
  • Hire and oversee the activities of a Youth Network Coordinator;
  • Identify and apply to outside funding sources, including grant opportunities, to achieve the Commission's goals and objectives, provided any requirement for matching funds are available within the Commission's operational budget; and
  • Other appropriate actions to further the purpose of the Commission.
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