Sparwood is surrounded by a number of flowing bodies of water, including the Elk River, Michel Creek, Cummings (Wilson) Creek, Alexander Creek, and their respective tributaries

In addition to great potability, the Elk River and Michel Creek are world class fishing streams!

Water Smart Action Plan

The Water Smart Action Plan was intended to be a living document, continually revised and updated by the District as our unique local context, data sets, targets, and implementation strategies were refined during the course of this five year initiative (2009-2015).

As a signatory to the Columbia Basin Water Smart Charter, the District of Sparwood set a target to reduce 2009 gross community water demands by up to 50 per cent by 2015.  In order to achieve this reduction target, the District of Sparwood focused their water conservation efforts on the following objectives:

  1. Begin in-depth analysis and public communication of water meter data. 
  2. Implement proven strategies for reducing residential and park/public water demands.
  3. Continue the leak detection and repair program, in conjunction with ongoing infrastructure assessment renewal.
  4. Undertake water rate structure review.
Source Water Protection Plan

In 2007 UMA Engineering Ltd. (UMA) was retained to prepare a Source Water Protection Plan and an Emergency Response Plan. This work included a preliminary study to determine if the water supplied by the water wells is considered Groundwater Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water (GWUDI). These plans identify land use activities that may threaten the quality of Sparwood’s well water and included a strategy to avoid or minimize these threats and have a plan in case the quality of the drinking water is compromised.

Award winning water

Sparwood has exceptional water quality!

The District's water is drawn from wells which are all greater than 15 metres (50 feet) in depth and is delivered to your tap at 5 - 8 degrees Celcius (40 - 45 degrees Fahrenheit). Two primary wells are located near Mackenzie Springs and one in Sparwood proper. 

The water supply does not have chlorine or fluoride added to it.