Sparwood has developed a comprehensive Transportation Master Plan to identify traffic patterns for the next ten to twenty years

The District retained AECOM (formerly UMA Engineering) to develop a Transportation Master Plan for Sparwood. Due to growing local tourism and the expansion of the coal-mining industry, as well as the District’s close proximity to major urban centres such as Calgary and Lethbridge, a review of the existing transportation infrastructure was required to develop plans ensuring the area’s growth is supported by a safe and efficient transportation system.

The objectives of the Transportation Master Plan study are to:
  • Document existing road network and operations
  • Project future development based on discussions with District planning staff and available information such as Area Service Plans (ASP) and development requests
  • Develop a future transportation network and staging plan that accommodates growth over the next 20 years
  • Develop an Active Modes Plan to encourage and accommodate the use of active modes of travel

Please send any questions you may have regarding the Transportation Master Plan to