Under sections 70 and 71 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) public bodies must make certain records available to the public, without a request for access under FOIPPA

The types of records which must be made available, include:

  • Policy and/or procedures manuals
  • Guidelines
  • Policy statements
  • Annual reports
  • Bylaws

The List of Records identifies some of the most common record types that are routinely released to the public by the District of Sparwood. The list should be used to help determine whether or not a particular record can be released routinely or whether a more formal review is required in accordance with FOIPPA.

If you are seeking information, the information can usually be provided routinely. You would not need to provide a written request for the information and the information is more often than not provided relatively quickly. To find out if the information you want is routinely available contact the department that you believe has the information or visit our Document Centre. If the department you contact doesn't have the information you want, you will either be directed to the department that does, or if the information is not routinely available, you will be directed to complete an FOI request.