Business Licence Renewals

If you operate a business in Sparwood you are required to have a valid municipal Business Licence or an Inter-Community Business Licence (ICBL), which must be renewed annually.

Each fall, you will receive a Business Licence Renewal Invoice in the mail which is payable by January 1st of the following year. Businesses that operate without a valid business licence may be fined.

Please review the information provided on your renewal invoice for any changes or corrections needed.

Changes to your Business Licence

If there are changes to your existing municipal business licence and/or ICBL, a Business Licence Application Form must be completed and submitted to update the business licence. Changes include any amendments to a company name, trade name, address or classification.  Depending on the change, there may be some minor fees required.

Changes can be submitted to the District Office in person or by email to

Business Licence Cancellation

It's easy to cancel or close your business licence account. To cancel your Sparwood municipal business licence or your ICBL, email your request for account closure to

There is no fee for an account closure.