Municipalities are given legislative powers under Section 8 of the Community Charter to regulate, impose regulations and prohibit in addition to natural person powers

How the District of Sparwood will handle a routine matter or situation is decided by resolution of Council (generally) or by bylaw.  Bylaws are passed when the legislation requires that form of decision. In all other situations where a policy is adopted or other decision is made by Council, it can be in the form of a resolution. A decision of Council is not valid unless it is authorized or adopted by bylaw or resolution at a council meeting.

Substantive criteria for decision making:
  1. Strategic. Supports the organization's vision and goals.
  2. Informed. Based upon knowledge and analysis - benefits vs risks.
  3. Smart. Creativity  and innovation. Optimizes use of resources and maximizes benefits over time.
  4. Balanced and fair. Appropriate balance among needs of organization and community.
  5. Sustainable, affordable and legal. Realistic, implemented within reasonable means.

Looking for a bylaw but not sure of the title, or looking for all bylaws that relate to a certain topic area? 


Council has established principles and rules about how the District works. These policies apply to employees, civic board members, elected officials, visitors, and vendors.  


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