The District of Sparwood puts limits on the things people can do on, and with, their property to help ensure that general standards of health, safety, and cleanliness are maintained for the benefit of everyone

Sparwood has several bylaws that ensure properties are kept to a minimum standard. These bylaws help keep neighbourhoods clean and safe. You should be familiar with the bylaws to understand your responsibilities and avoid bylaw violations. 

The most common concerns reported are:
  • Properties in poor condition
  • Suspected hoarding
  • Vehicles parked in the front yard
  • Home-based businesses where customers are coming on site
  • Overgrown yards
  • Illegal suites and illegal uses
  • Operating without a business license
  • Fences in disrepair
If you live in a strata

If you live in a strata, the rules are slightly different when it comes to property use concerns. Stratas are governed first by the provincial Strata Property Act. Each strata can then make their own rules within that framework. These stricter strata bylaws overrule District bylaws.  For many property use concerns, you will need to contact your strata council or strata manager to learn how they enforce your strata bylaws.

Property use bylaws

For more information on relevant bylaws for property use and maintenance:

The District responds to complaints from the public and other government agencies, and identifies property use issues. It does not respond to civil issues. Information regarding the complainant is kept confidential, unless the complaint ends up in the court system.