Like many residents, your experience with the District may start with your home and property, and expand to the environment around it 

From taxes and utilities to permits and licences, the District’s services ensure:

  • Your home and neighbourhood are safe;
  • Neighbourhoods are sustainable, livable, and accessible; and
  • A good quality of life is enjoyed by all Sparwood residents.

Planning to build or renovate? Find out if you need a building permit

Building & Renovating

Find out who is responsible for maintaining that tree at the edge of your property and how to manage those annoying weeds

Garden & Trees

Find out what the current zoning and land use standards are for your property

Land Use and Development

Find out what options are available to you to pay your property taxes, including home owner grants.

Property Taxes

[If you rent a unit or a house, or you are the owner of a residential rental property, find out what you need to know

Rental Properties

Looking to subsidize your income or create an in-law suite?  Find out what the regulations in your zone are before you start construction

Secondary Suites

Learn about the Sparwood’s water and sewer goals, water conservation, sewage treatment, water and sewer bills, and a whole lot more

Water & Wastewater Utilities