The Planning Department is responsible for a variety of planning activities related to municipal bylaws, services and infrastructure in the District of Sparwood.

The Manager of Planning, Planning Assistant and Building Inspector are responsible for the long range and current planning activities for the community, including activities related to building and development approvals, long-range planning and projects. The department is committed to providing excellent customer service and, as such, works closely with the development community, stakeholder organizations and members of the public to ensure that Council’s vision of Sparwood is realized.

The department prepares land use plans, bylaws and policies for consideration by Council, and undertakes application reviews and approval processes consistent with Council-approved plans, bylaws and policies in support of planned, orderly and sustainable development of Sparwood. The department also maintains the GIS mapping and much of the website updates.

Administration & Special Projects
  • Answering inquiries relating to land development, and processing development applications;
  • Preparing policies and bylaws on a range of topics, as directed by Council; and
  • Participating and providing local input into planning initiatives of other levels of government, as directed by Council.
Building Inspection
  • Issues building permits to ensure that the work is in compliance with all codes, safety standards, bylaws and policies. This work includes residential and commercial building plan reviews and the administration of the Sign Bylaw;
  • Conducts various inspections to ensure that buildings when constructed meet current structural, health, security and fire protection safety standards; and
  • Provides professional advice to Council, the Board of Variance, other departments and the public on building construction related matters.
Current Planning & Development
  • Administration of bylaws and policies that direct the development activities of our residents and businesses. The primary bylaws administered by this department include:
  • Provides customer service to those individuals pursuing a building or development project as well as responding to queries from the general public as they relate to those projects;
  • Providing referrals to neighbouring municipalities and the Regional District of the East Kootenay;
  • Planning also provides service to our internal customers, responding to requests for information on particular properties and assisting in various communication initiatives; and
  • Planning is the primary resource for maintaining the District’s website and social media presence, as well as being responsible for maintaining the various mapping resources and GIS database. You can view an unofficial zoning map and map of development permit areas here.
Long Range Planning
  • Develop, update, and implement planning projects that work to improve the livability of our community; and
  • Provide guidance on the future development of Sparwood.
Contact Information
Box 520, 136 Spruce Avenue
Sparwood, BC V0B 2G0

Phone: 250.425.6271
Fax: 250.425.7277

Manager of Planning
Schaun Goodeve:

Building Inspector

Bruce Hunter:

Planning Assistant
Santana Patten: