The Sparwood Traffic, Parking and Highways Regulation Bylaw was enacted to regulate traffic, parking, and use of highways within the boundaries of the District of Sparwood

Citizens are reminded, that unless permitted, no person shall stop, stand, or park a vehicle or trailer:

  • On a sidewalk or boulevard.
  • In front of a public or private driveway. 
  • In any lane, except as permitted by PART 3, Section 7.
  • Within an intersection unless permitted by a traffic control device. 
  • Within 6m of a fire hydrant measured from a point on the curb or edge of the roadway which is closest to the fire hydrant. 
  • On a crosswalk or within 6m of the approach side of a crosswalk.
  • On a school crosswalk or within 8m of the approach side of a school crosswalk.
  • Within 6m upon the approach to a stop sign or traffic control device located at the side of a roadway. 
  • Within 6m on either side of the entrance to or exit from a hotel, theatre, public meeting place, fire hall or playground. 
  • Within 15m of the nearest rail or a railway crossing. 
  • Upon any highway for the principal purpose of:
    • displaying a vehicle for sale; 
    • advertising, greasing, painting, wrecking, storing or repairing any vehicle, except where repaire are necessitated by an emergency.
  • On a portion of the highway in which parking is regulated by a traffic control device in violation of the traffic control device.
  • In such a manner as to obstruct the visibility if any standard traffic control device erected by, or with the authority of the Superintendent of Public Works.
  • On a highway for a continuous period exceeding 24 hours.
  • Within 6m of a lane entrance or exit of a lane.
  • Next to any curb that has been painted yellow.
Those who violate this Bylaw will risk being ticketed or fined.