District staff provide support, guidance and expert advice throughout the decision making process

Staff is available to answer any questions you may have as well as assist with:

  • Sales of plots, niches, liners and markers
  • Interment and memorial options
  • Installation and removal of memorial tablets
  • Transfer of interment rights
Plan ahead for your final resting place

To prepare in advance for the eventuality of death is not only proper forethought, but an outstanding act of consideration for every member of your family. Pre-arrangements lighten the emotional and financial burdens placed on loved ones in their time of need, while ensuring that your wishes are respected when you are gone.

District staff can help with your pre-arranged burial arrangements at the District Office located at 136 Spruce Avenue.  We offer hassle-free, no obligation consultation and provide full disclosure of property and service prices.  The District provides several memorial options for you to choose from. 

How to arrange a burial or interment

There are many ways to remember loved ones who are no longer part of our daily lives. Memories can be private or public, tangible or intangible, and often, are both. If you wish to purchase a final resting space in one of the two cemeteries within the District of Sparwood, you will need to contact the District Office to select the cemetery of your choice and location from the areas available. 

  • A columbarium is an above-ground structure with niches designed to hold interments of cremated remains.

    For up to two interments may be permitted provided that cremated remains are in separate containers.

  • Each cremation grave space can be purchased for up two cremated remains interments.  

  • Each cremation grave space can be purchased for up two cremated remains interments.  

  • Memorializing loved ones is a way to celebrate their lives. It provides a focal point for families and friends to visit and remember.

    Installing a commemorative plaque on the memorial wall at the Elk Valley (Michel) Cemetery to honour the life of your loved one is a creative and everlasting way to show you care.

Interments and plot maintenance

Care and maintenance for each site is included in the fees and charges of a cemetery space. This includes seeding and re-seeding of plots and lot surfaces, seasonal cutting of grass and weeds, and other maintenance to ensure a tidy and well-kept appearance.

How to sell, transfer, and refund an interment space

The District does not allow the private resale of interment spaces. However, you may transfer interment spaces or return unused spaces to us for a refund, less Care Fund contributions.

    • Can I place artificial flowers?

      Cut flowers, artificial flowers, wreaths, and floral offerings may be placed on graves in the Cemetery, but may be removed by the Caretaker if their condition is considered by the Caretaker to be unsightly.

    • How can I locate the plot of a loved one?

      To locate a plot contact the District Office at 250.425.6271

    • Can I install an upright monument?

      Upright monuments are permitted within the Elk Valley (Michel) Cemetery.  Only the flat (ground) memorial markers are permitted within the Rivercrest Cemetery.

    • How many family members can be interred in one grave?

      You may have two traditional burials and two cremated or one traditional burial and three cremated remains per grave

    • Can I bury a loved one at any time I choose?

      Yes, however there may be additional charges for burials after hours, or on weekends and holidays.  See Fees & Charges for cost breakdowns.

  • The Elk Valley (Michel) Cemetery Operation and Maintenance Bylaw states that you may

    The following table reflects the applicable fines when a person violates the above restrictions:

    Damage a tablet or structure $500
    Damage tree, shrub or plant $250
    Enter cemetery after hours or create a nuisance $100
    Fail to obtain a permit or comply with prescribed conditions $200
    Interment outside of permitted hours $200
    Unauthorized installation of a memorial, planting, or interment in columbarium $200
    Unauthorized opening/closing of columbarium or niche $100
    Unlawful exhumation or interment $500

    Note* Fines are reduced by 50% if paid within 30 days of ticket issuance