Are you looking to host an event?

If you’re organizing a festival or event on District property, we’re here to help. Leisure Complex staff can answer your questions about liquor licences, food vendors, lighting, fireworks, permits, security, power, bleachers and more. 

If your event is a new community (public) event that is to be hosted within the municipal boundaries, it may be eligible for funding under the Sparwood Community Events Fund. For more information on hosting an event or renting a District facility, contact staff at 250.425.0552 or by email at or visit Facility Rentals & Permits.

Community Event Calendar

Community events that are open to the general public, community oriented and either sponsored by the District of Sparwood or an agency or group that is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt entity (e.g. charitable, educational, registered non-profit, governmental, etc.) or non-income generating community group are eligible to advertise their event on the District's online Event Calendar.  

To learn more about eligible events and participants, please see the District's Community Event Calendar Policy for rules about acceptable postings, event locations, and submissions.

You can submit your request online or in person at either the District Office or the Leisure Centre.

Do you need a permit or a licence?

If you are thinking of hosting a public or private event, you may need a special occasion liquor licence, a temporary food service permit, a gaming licence, a public address system permit or a road closure permit.

  • If you want to serve or sell alcohol at your event you will require a Special Occasion Licence issued by the Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCLB) which is available online at  However, you must also complete a District application form.  This form must be included with your application to the LCLB as proof that the District has authorized liquor service on public lands or within a public facility. 

    Please see Delegation Bylaw 1181 for more information regarding conditions for serving liquor during your event or visit Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCLB) for Special Occasion Licence requirements.

  • If you want to serve or sell food at your event that is not exempted, you will need to apply for a temporary foodservice permit through Interior Health at the Cranbrook Health Protection Office located at 103, 1700-4th Street or you can apply online.

  • If you want to hold a raffle, 50/50 draw, bingo, poker, or other gaming activity during your event, you may require a Gaming Event Licence issued by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch

    For more information on gaming, contact the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch at 1.800.663.7867 (then ask to be transferred to 604.660.0245) or by email at

  • If you want to use a public address system (e.g. microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers) at an outdoor event or close a street, you will be required to obtain permit from the Director of Operational Services in accordance with the Traffic, Parking and Highways Regulation Bylaw

    For more information on public address systems, contact the Operational Services department at 250.425.7760 or by email at

  • Do you have a community event that you would like to share?

    The District of Sparwood values the contributions and participation of all citizens and has made the District’s Community Event Calendar available to the public as a tool to promote community events and activities.

    The Community Event Calendar is established for civic, charitable, non-profit, educational, governmental, and/or public agencies and organizations. It is not the intent of the Community Event Calendar to promote private for-profit business.

    Community Events should be open to the public, community oriented and either sponsored by the District of Sparwood or an agency or group that is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt entity (e.g. charitable, educational, registered non-profit, governmental, etc.) or non-income generating community group.

    • What is a community event?

      A community event includes any charitable, educational, cultural or recreational event taking place within the municipal boundary of the District of Sparwood by a not-for-profit group or organization or a non-income generating community group.

    • Am I an eligible participant

      Submissions shall only be accepted from the following participants for events that benefit Sparwood residents:

      • Local public and private educational institutions;
      • Local non-profit organizations;
      • Local service groups; or
      • Local social and recreational clubs.
    • Is there any fee to post my event to the Community Event Calendar?

      There is no fee to post an event to the Community Event Calendar. Submissions must comply with the eligibility requirements under the Community Event Calendar Policy.

    • If my event is outside of Sparwood, is it eligible for posting to the calendar?

      No, for an event to be eligible for posting to the Community Event Calendar it must take place within the municipal boundary.

    • Are there any limitations on the type of event I wish to post?

      Yes, community events must meet one or more of the following criteria:

      • Organized or funded by another order of government;
      • Organized by a government funded agency or board;
      • Organized by a District of Sparwood affiliated group;
      • Funded in full, or in part, by the District of Sparwood;
      • Sponsored by the District of Sparwood;
      • Organized by a charitable organization with a registered charitable number and operating within the District of Sparwood;
      • Organized by a service group or a social or recreational club operating within the District of Sparwood performing work that benefits Sparwood residents;
      • Organized by a Business Improvement Area for general promotional purposes; or
      • Located in a facility owned by the District of Sparwood.
    • Can I post a commercial for-profit event if it is taking place in Sparwood or a public facility?

      No announcement may be posted which will promote a commercial event.

    • Can I post my organization's monthly meetings?

      No, only one-time or special events or programs are eligible.  Regularly scheduled events are not eligible.