The home owner grant reduces the amount of property tax you pay for your principal residence

The Home Owner Grant is provided by the British Columbia Government to owners who occupy their residential property. The grant must be claimed each year if the property owner is eligible. To apply for your Home Owner Grant, go to

The purpose of the home owner grant is to help reduce the amount of residential property tax paid by Canadian citizens or holders of permanent residency status in Canada, who live in British Columbia, and occupy their home as their principal residence. Only one qualifying owner can claim a grant for a property each year.

The grant cannot be claimed on vacant land or when the property is registered to a company.

Also, note that even if you cannot pay your taxes by the July 5th deadline, you should claim the grant, if eligible, before the deadline because the 10% penalty is calculated on the total amount of current taxes owing.

To find out more about the home owner grant program visit the Government of B.C. website.