Remember, Sparwood is surrounded by wilderness and an incredible array of wildlife. No garbage out before 5:00 a.m. on your collection day please!

Bear-resistant garbage containers to be delivered starting August 27, new garbage collection schedule to start September 4

Starting September 4, the District will roll out changes to its curbside garbage collection services. Earlier this year, Council selected Waste Management of Canada ( to provide these services on behalf of the District, allowing existing Public Works staff to focus on the other core services provided throughout the municipality.

Curbside Garbage Collection:

All household garbage will now be collected from a standard 242L bear-resistant cart. Although the collection date may be changed for some households, garbage will continue to be picked up on a weekly schedule.

An updated collection schedule/information brochure, detailing how to separate household waste from recycling and how to unlock your cart, will be delivered with your cart as well. Each cart has a serial number which is tied to the house address and the cost of replacing a cart which is lost or damaged will be the cost of the cart plus 15%, currently $210.91.

When storing your garbage container, residents will need to ensure that their cart is in a secure and safe location as to prevent bears and other wildlife from removing or damaging the cart from private property. This can be done by storing the cart indoors in a secure location between collection days during bear season (April to November). In the rare case that they cannot be kept inside a building, both clips must be locked, and the cart may need to be chained to a secure anchor point such as a strong railing or post, so the bear cannot drag the cart away.

As always, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to prevent dangerous wildlife from access unnatural food on their property.

How to Prepare and Place the Garbage Cart for Pick Up: 
  1. Remember to unclip your bear-resistant locks on collection day. Either clip the snaphooks to the handles on the top of the cart or use an extra carabiner to clip them together.
  2. Place cart at the curb so that the lid opens towards the street (the arrow on the lid should point to the street).
  3. Please put the cart on the street that your driveway is on. If you currently have your garbage picked up in an alley, please bring it to the street that your address is based on. 
  4. Ensure the cart is at least 1 meter away from any obstacle (blue boxes, vehicles) and that there is 3 meters of clearance above the cart.
What if I want a Smaller Cart?

Households that wish to request a smaller 120L garbage cart, in lieu of the larger 242L cart may contact the District Public Works Office at 250.425.7760 or email  This is a one-time option to exchange for a smaller cart at no cost.

Recycling Collection:

All accepted recyclable material will continue to be accepted at the Yellow Bin Recycling System currently managed by the Regional District of East Kootenay. Residents must pre-sort their recyclables prior to depositing into these yellow bins.

Tips to Reduce Waste:
  • Know what items should go into a recycle bin and recycle all possible items.
  • Buy only what you need, use all that you buy.
  • Instead of buying commercial household cleaners, use less toxic alternatives.
  • Buy in bulk and try to eliminate excess packaging.
  • Take re-usable bins or canvas bags to the grocery store.
  • Do not use plastic bags.
  • Rent things you don't use often or borrow them from a friend.
  • Donate old furniture to a second hand store or drop it off at the Reuse Centre located at the Transfer Station.
  • Use a backyard composter.
  • Use reusable gift bags.
  • Take a travel mug with you to the coffee shop.
  • Take a ‘litterless’ lunch to school or work; use reusable containers instead of plastic bags for your lunch.
  • A reusable coffee filter can replace many paper filters.
  • Use cloth rags and mops rather than one-time-use disposal products.
  • Donate magazines to senior's residences or doctor's offices.
  • Choose quality products that are durable.