Outdoor fireplaces are becoming very popular and a variety are for sale at hardware stores and garden centres. Sparwood has bylaws for the safe use of these fireplaces. Wood burning outdoor fireplaces are only permitted when inspected by The District of Sparwood Fire Department.

The Fire Department also has information on burning permits and fireworks

  • Please fill out an application form found in Schedule D (found here in the bylaw or as a separate document here) after you have constructed your outdoor firepit to the following specifications. After you apply, the District of Sparwood Fire Department will inspect your firepit to ensure it complies with the regulations. 

    1. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces shall:
      • be designed to limit or reduce the danger of fire escaping from the outdoor fire pit or fireplace;
      • be located with a minimum of 3.4 meters (10 feet) clearance from buildings, structures, property lines or combustible materials and shall be free of overhead combustibles such as overhead buildings, structures, trees or other things;
      • be constructed of non-combustible components;
      • be the sole responsibility of the Permit holder who shall ensure at all times that this Bylaw is being complied with and that no hazard to persons or property, nor nuisance, is created by use of the fire pit/outdoor fireplace;
      • when in use, not have flames higher than ninety (90) cm (3.28 feet) above the fire pit.