The Sparwood Fire Department provides training to all members to meet the NFPA 1001 level, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard for firefighters

Sparwood Fire Department is managed by the Director of Fire Services (Fire Chief) and Deputy Director of Fire Services, (Deputy Chief). Together they supervise 22 auxiliary (regular) firefighters, 5 rookie members and 8 probation members from 2 stations (Main Hall located at 479 Pine Avenue and the North Hall at 1391 Ponderosa Drive) for approximately 4,000 residents within Sparwood and road rescue services within 70.5 km2 . The Sparwood Fire Department mission is to provide the District of Sparwood with effective, efficient emergency response and fire prevention services.

Sparwood Fire Department responds to emergency incidents, including fires, motor vehicle incidents with injuries, as well as hazardous material spills. The department works closely with other emergency response partners such as BC Ambulance, Search and Rescue, Elk Valley RCMP Detachment and Dangerous Goods response teams. Members provide emergency services for all of the response area, along with providing public education and fire safety awareness. Members that are Local Assistants to the Fire Commissioner complete fire inspections on commercial and assembly buildings. The department works with the District’s Emergency Program Coordinator and Emergency Support Services Director to administer the District’s Emergency Program. The key responsibilities are to establish and exercise plans to prepare, respond, and recover during disasters such as those which are man-made (hazardous materials, terrorism) or naturally occurring (floods, earthquakes).

Fire Operations / Core Services
  • Provide fire suppression and rescue services for the District of Sparwood response area. Sparwood Fire Department does not provide first response to medical emergencies. Yearly fire inspections for public and commercial buildings;
  • Enforcement of the Fire Services Act and the BC Fire Code;
  • Fire investigations (3 department officers are local assistants to the Fire Commissioner);
  • Issue fire pit and burning permits;
  • Manage and coordinate the annual Wildfire Fuel Reduction Program;
  • Provide operations level confined space rescue; and
  • Respond to dangerous goods incidents at an operational level in accordance with provincial regulations which require teams to be available for response.
Safety & Training
  • The training program in the Sparwood Fire Department is designed to provide all of our members with a level of training and to be compliant with NFPA 1001 Fire Training. Members maintain operations level training to provide core services; and
  • The Department has four (4) certified level 1 instructors and one (1) level 2 instructor.
Fire Prevention & Life Safety Education
Additional Services & Events
  • Working Smoke Alarm Program – members go door to door to check smoke alarms in our most vulnerable neighbourhoods. Faulty or nonworking smoke alarms are replaced for free;
  • Junior Firefighter Program is provided to high school students aged 17 to 19 years as a work experience credited program;
  • The annual Fire in the Sky fireworks display during Coal Miners Days is prepared by Department members certified as Level I and II Fireworks Technicians;
  • Department Open Houses are held at least once per year. Information on Fire Safety and FireSmart Communities are the focus of these events;
  • Deliver fire safety courses, including “Fire Safety for Babysitters”, and “Fire Safety for Home Alone”;
  • Emergency Awareness Safety Expo to encourage residents to prepare for emergencies and meet emergency response teams and exhibitors from around the province;
  • Facilitate strategic planning session for members of Council, CAO and Fire Officers;
  • Provide WHMIS for student workers;
  • Provide public safety education for the community; and
  • Station visits by Kindergarten classes, Treehouse Daycare and the Strong Start Program.
Contact Information

P.O. Box 520, 479 Pine Ave
Sparwood, B.C. V0B 2G0
Phone: 250.425.0558
Fax: 250.425.4490

Director of Fire Services

Dean Spry:

Deputy Director of Fire Services
Brad Hogg: