Narrative Therapy - Tools for Exploring Stories Workshop

NARRATIVE THERAPY - TOOLS FOR EXPLORING STORIES WORKSHOP: We are all influenced by stories. In some of these stories, we are active players; other stories are thrust upon us. When problems occur (as they inevitably do), “problem stories” have a tendency to overshadow other stories. A narrative counselling framework seeks to explore the numerous stories that shape and influence identity, problems and preferred directions in life. Narrative therapy has been found to be a useful approach to many problems such as addictions, trauma and mental health concerns. In addition, it also works well with diverse populations and age groups. This interactive workshop will provide caregivers the tools and processes to begin using narrative frameworks with those they are helping. Cost is $90 for day that includes training, manual, snacks, and lunch.

Date and time:
April 8, 2018 from 9 am to 4 pm

Sparwood Fire/Rescue Training Room, 479 Pine Ave, Sparwood, BC

The contact for this event is:
Brian Glover

This event is organized by the Elk Valley Critical Incident Response Team.

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