Everyone has a role to play in making sure we all stay safe in emergencies.

In our everyday lives, large-scale emergencies and disasters seem remote. But natural disasters, technological or environmental accidents or service disruptions can happen anywhere, any time. When that happens, Sparwood is prepared.

In the event of an emergency or disaster

In the event of an emergency or disaster, the District of Sparwood may activate the Municipal Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). The Emergency Operations Centre is "mission control" during a major response where key municipal personnel, including volunteers, and other agencies involved gather to support activities taking place at the site(s) of the emergency. For regional events or disasters, the Districts of Sparwood and Elkford, the City of Fernie and Electoral Areas A and B may combine EOCs into one location if more than one municipality is impacted.

The EOC does not command or control on-scene response efforts

The EOC does not command or control on-scene response efforts, but does carry out important support functions through:

  • Collecting, evaluating and disseminating incident information such as public alerts and notifications;
  • Analyzing jurisdictional impacts, maintaining maps and display boards, and setting priority actions;
  • Managing requests, procurement and utilization of resources;
  • Coordinating and liaising with federal, provincial and other local governments as well as other agencies involved in the response;
  • Planning for the continuance of government.

The level of Emergency Operations Centre staffing varies with the specific emergency situation. Whether it be a volunteer or District staff, everyone must be properly trained on what the EOC is, how it supports events and what to expect when called to work an activation. The District of Sparwood staff and volunteers regularly test the activation, set-up, and operation of the EOC to ensure its constant readiness and effectiveness in accordance with the British Columbia Emergency Management System (BCERMS).  BCERMS is recognized as a standard system for emergency response, and currently mandated for use within the Government of BC and recommended to local authorities.

Learn how you can become a key member of the Emergency Support Services team by volunteering.