The Engineering Department is responsible for a variety of design and field inspection activities related to municipal bylaws, services and infrastructure in the District of Sparwood

The Engineering Department consists of two permanent employees; the Director of Engineering and the Engineering Assistant. On occasion they work with the support of co-op students. This department is responsible for major and minor infrastructure projects, water metering and subdivisions.  They work closely with, and provide resources to other departments on an ongoing basis.

Transportation, Drainage & Utilities

The department works cohesively with the Planning and Operations Departments to plan works required as a result of growth in the community. These works include:

  • Potable water systems;
  • Sanitary sewer systems;
  • Storm sewer drainage systems; and
  • Transportation network.
Flood Protection
  • Monitoring snow pack and stream flow forecasts for the Elk River;
  • Undertaking flood protection studies; and
  • Managing infrastructure upgrades to improve the overall protection of our community.
Environmental Services

The District is committed to developing and implementing sustainable programs and initiatives that improve the quality of life for Sparwood residents and create environmental benefits in the areas of:

  • Solid waste management;
  • Groundwater and surface water protection;
  • Air quality;
  • Climate change; and
  • Energy initiatives.
Subdivision Services

The Approving Officer (Director) works with potential sub-dividers to ensure that the standards set out by the Subdivision Servicing Bylaw are met. Those standards include lot configuration, suitability for intended use, design and that the newly created lots will conform to the minimum lot requirements under the Zoning Bylaw.

Information Technology
  • Assists the Finance Department with overseeing the contract for technology services, advice, solutions and guidance to support District operations and provide appropriate technology (Fibre optics), information, and applications to deliver business services efficiently and effectively.
  • Ensures the security, management and protection of the organization’s electronic data. 
Contact Information
PO Box 520, 136 Spruce Avenue
Sparwood, BC V0B 2G0

Phone: 250.425.6830
Fax: 250.425.7277

Director of Engineering / Approving Officer
Danny Dwyer:

Engineering Assistant
Terry Fuhlbohm: