There are unlimited reasons why any one person, group or business might choose to imprint themselves into the texture of Sparwood’s natural environment

Perhaps to commemorate a great occasion or achievement? Or to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or loved one? Whatever the case, these gifts create lasting personal memories in a favourite green space while increasing the beauty, history and/or user-friendliness of our parks.

After all, there’s no place like nature to feel close to what matters most in life.

  • What kind of gift could I give?

    The District of Sparwood invites you, your organization, business or service group to consider one of the following dedication opportunities:

    • Benches ($500). A comfortable, classic bench will be placed in a park, green space, or an urban area of your choice.  The commemorative plaque will be inlaid into the back of the bench.
    • Picnic tables ($1,650). The picnic table seats up to 8 people and will be placed in a park or green space of your choice. The commemorative plaque will be inlaid into top of the table.
    • Bike racks ($850). A  bike rack will be beside one of our facilities, in a park, or near a playground of your choice.  The commemorative plaque will be attached to the bike rack.
    • Trees ($500). A living tree will commemorate a lasting and green tribute.

    Bottom line: We’re open to your ideas and suggestions, so please feel free to call.

  • Will my gift be recognized?

    We commemorate each gift made to the District with a bronze plaque.  This plaque is either inlaid into the gift itself, installed on a concrete pad beside the gift, or placed on a central commemorative board.

  • How can I make a donation?

    Whether it is a bench for memories or a picnic table for celebrating your family or organization, the Dedication Opportunities Program is a unique and meaningful way to make a tribute.

    Complete the dedication form if you would like to make a donation.

  • Where will my donation be placed?

    The District will work with you to bring your gift to reality by assisting you with:

    • finding an agreed upon location;
    • choosing the right wording for your inscription; and
    • maintaining your gift for 10 years at no additional cost to you.