The District of Sparwood supports cultural, athletic and volunteer groups who provide services or promote activities which are beneficial to Sparwood

The Community Events Fund has been created in an effort to facilitate the organization of new events to be hosted within the District of Sparwood. Funds will be made available to organizations, groups or individuals for up to two years who meet funding criteria and which are deemed to be of a net benefit to the community.

The District of Sparwood recently completed a review of grant-in-aid programs and consolidated various policies and Council initiatives into a new Community Funding and Support Policy.  The update was undertaken to bring a variety of independent policies and Council support resolutions together under one -policy. This was done to simplify  administrative processes, and significantly increase transparency and accountability for the funds the District is providing to various community groups and organizations.

The new program has two funding categories. 

Category One is considered ongoing funding from year to year.  Funding under this program is reviewed annually by Council but is generally considered as ongoing, or multi-year and considered within the annual budget process.  Category One groups will be required to provide an annual report and request for continuation of funding by September 15th of each year in order to remain in compliance with the new policy and allow Council to confirm your funding request. 

Category Two includes one off requests made to the District throughout the year for events, activities and projects. Category Two requests are reviewed on a first come, first considered basis. 

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