The community events fund has been created in an effort to facilitate the organization of new events to be hosted within the District of Sparwood

Funds will be made available to organizations, groups or individuals for up to two years who meet funding criteria, and which are deemed to be of a net benefit to the community.

To apply, please complete the Community Events Fund application and submit to the Director of Community and Facility Services, Duane Lawrence, at the Leisure Centre or by email to

The program objective is to engage community groups and individuals through the development of new community events to be hosted within the District of Sparwood.
  • What funding is available?

    A total of $10,000 is available annually. Events will be evaluated individually and may access up to $5,000 in the first year and $2,500 in the second. Events requesting in excess of the aforementioned amounts will not be considered. 

  • Who can apply?

    To be eligible for funding your group must be a community-based group, residing within the District of Sparwood or Regional District Area ‘A’, that is one of the following: a local non-profit organization, an ad hoc community group residing in the community, a registered society or community group. Acceptable events may include, but are not limited to:

    • Tournaments
    • Festivals
    • Music Events
    • Sporting Events
    • Performances
    • Cultural Events
    • Markets
  • Who cannot apply?

    Registered businesses or for profit organization or any registered business, organization or group residing outside the District of Sparwood or Regional District Area ‘A’.

    Applications from organizations residing within the Elk Valley or Crowsnest Pass wishing to host events within the District of Sparwood that have a volunteer presence within the community may be considered.

  • What events are eligible?

    To be eligible for funding your event must:

    • be hosted within the District of Sparwood;
    • actively encourage local community engagement through volunteerism and participation;
    • be intended for the general public;
    • demonstrate funding, in-kind and/or organizational support from the local community; and
    • demonstrate a net benefit to the community.
  • What events are not eligible?

    The following events are not eligible:

    • Events in which the sole or main purpose is to conduct fundraising;
    • For profit events;
    • Existing events or recurring events previously held within the District of Sparwood;
    • Events forecasting a deficit;
    • Any event to be held outside of the District of Sparwood;
    • Any event that is deemed not to be in the best interest District of Sparwood Community Events Fund Update June 6, 2013 of the community or provide a net benefit to the community;
    • Events and activities that are primarily religious, political or commercial in nature;
    • Conferences, workshops, and other activities that are not intended for the general public. 
  • What expenses are eligible?

    Event costs that are directly attributable to the planning, hosting and operation of the approved event. Some examples include: Venue rental fees, supplies, materials, advertising and promotion, equipment rental, entertainment, transportation, insurance.

    Applicants who incur expenses for a project prior to receiving written confirmation of funding approval do so at their own risk. Any expenses incurred prior to event approval are not eligible for funding. 

  • What expenses are ineligible?

    Wages, honorariums, prizes, give-a-ways, ongoing or annual operational costs, food & beverages other than those allowed for volunteers, capital expenses, security or paramedic services, fireworks. Any expense incurred prior to event funding approval.

  • When are applications due?

    This is a continuous intake program. There are no deadlines for applications. Applications that are not approved due to lack of available funding may be considered for future years.

  • How are applications evaluated?

    The District of Sparwood evaluates applications based on the viability of the event, community engagement and capacity of the event to become self-sustaining. Some specific factors to be considered include:

    • Feasibility and sustainability of the event
    • Events that demonstrate a net benefit to the Community
    • How event funds will be used
    • Activities to be delivered
    • Who will participate or benefit from the event
    • Volunteer & Community Engagement

    Partnering organizations & community support Applications are evaluated by the Sparwood Community & Facilities Department. The District of Sparwood may at its discretion reject any application for any reason whatsoever and is under no obligation to disclose those reasons. The District is under no obligation to allocate all or any portion of the fund in any given year.