The District of Sparwood’s Communities Adapting to Climate Change Initiative supports the goals and objectives identified by the District and the Columbia Basin Trust as part of Sparwood’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Based on the Climate Adaptation Scanning and Planning Workshop held in November 2011 and report from January 2012, the Community Engagement Strategy has summarized its priority climate risks and actions in three areas:

  1. water supply;
  2. wildfire; and
  3. flooding and other extreme events.
Community engagement objectives are:
  • To engage District of Sparwood residents in a broad dialogue on issues and concerns around climate change to:
    • Enhance the community’s understanding of the impacts and risks associated with climate change;
    • Build support for adaptation actions that will increase resilience; and
    • Provide the opportunity to plan the social, economic and environmental future for the District of Sparwood in accordance with the community’s commitment to adapt to climate change.
  • Generate input to create feasible approaches to climate adaptation.
  • Identify local champions/communities of interest to support ongoing climate adaptation initiatives and awareness.
  • Increase understanding of roles and responsibilities related to property owners in the context of safety and prevention measures to adapt to climate change.