It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the correct civic addressing for their property is being used  

Please take note that the civic number posted on a doorway is not always correct for a variety of reasons.  You will avoid unnecessary problems if you confirm your correct civic address by consulting with the Planning Department.  

Number Display and Design Standards

The standard for design and display of property numbers, as defined under the Community Standards Bylaw, within the District of Sparwood are as follows:

  • Numbers shall be no less than 12.7 cm (4 inches) in height.
  • Numbers shall be set on a background of contrasting colour.
  • Numbers are to be affixed to the front of the house or building facing the street named in the address.
  • If the principal building on a Property is 15 metres (49 .21 feet) or more from a road, or if the view of the principal building is blocked by trees or shrubs, the Street Number shall be displayed in the front yard of the Property on a pole or other device, not less than 1 Meters nor more than 1 .5 Meters in height, not on the Boulevard, and be visible at all times;
  • If a house or building is on a corner lot, the number shall be displayed facing the street named in the address.
  • If the principal Building is on a corner lot, the Street Number shall be displayed facing the street named in the address
  • House numbers shall be easily visible at night.
  • The Planning Department assigns civic addresses in Sparwood. Consistent addressing and numbering of buildings and suites within the District helps emergency response personnel, delivery drivers, and the general public locate buildings. The District supplies 911 with civic addressing information for emergency response agency dispatch including the District of Sparwood Fire Department and local R.C.M.P. detachment.

  • Requests to assign a new address or to change a ubilding address or suite number can only be made by the registered owner and must be submitted in writing to the Planning Department. 

  • Please keep your mailing address current for property assessment and taxation purposes. Registered owners may contact District at 250.425.6271may request a change of mailing address for:

    • Property Tax notices; and
    • Water, sewer, and garbage utility notices​.

    Other agencies you may have to notify include: (external links)