One of the biggest concerns for families with young children is finding affordable and appropriate child care 

Parents are encouraged to research childcare choices thoroughly as options vary. It can take time to find the best childcare provider for you and your child, so it is a good idea to start looking early.

Licensing, funding, and subsidizing childcare is the role of the provincial government. However, the District, working with our local organizations, plays a role in planning, coordinating, and advocating for childcare and early learning programs. Recognizing that childcare is a public amenity intended primarily to support working families, Council and staff have worked with the Early Years Committee to help deliver quality, affordable, and accessible childcare to residents of Sparwood.

Children Learn Through Play

Many child care programs use a “learning through play” approach. Play is important for healthy early childhood development because:

  • Play fosters problem solving and flexibility in thinking.
  • Children create meaning through play, exploring what they have learned and are curious about.
  • Play supports the development of social skills.
  • Children learn how to take turns, negotiate, and solve conflicts.
  • Play is satisfying and absorbing and provides children with a chance to work through anxiety and stress.
  • Play helps children feel good about themselves.
  • Physically active play builds children’s strength and coordination.
  • Play helps children to develop complex communication skills.
Child Care Subsidy

The Ministry of Children and Family Development provides child care subsidies to assist families with the cost of child care. Monthly subsidy payments vary depending on the family’s circumstances.

To learn more, visit the Ministry’s Child Care Subsidy page or contact them toll-free at 1.800.663.7867.