Explore the options for memorialization, including burial and cremation costs

The following fees and charges apply for all interments in either the Elk Valley (Michel) Cemetery or Rivercrest Cemetery:

In-Ground Interments Elk Valley (Michel) Cemetery Fee / Charge Rivercrest Cemetery Fee / Charge
Grave space* (adult) $441
Grave space* (infant) $276
Grave space* (cremated remains size) $276
Opening & closing grave for burial (adult - single) $617 $617
Opening & closing grave (infant) $463
Opening & closing grave for burial (cremated remains) $309 $309
Additional charge for burials prior to 9:30am or after 3:00pm (Mon to Fri) $507 $507
Additional charge for burials during the weekend or stat holiday $744 $744
Installation of memorial tablet (Rivercrest Cemetery) $142
Removal or replacement of single memorial $58
Removal or replacement of double memorial $116

Note* Grave spaces for sale are only available at the Rivercrest Cemetery.  

Elk Valley (Michel) Cemetery Memorial Wall
Fee / Charge
Large plaque $276
Small plaque $166
Installation of plaque $83

Elk Valley (Michel) Cemetery Columbarium
Fee / Charge
Niche $551
Opening and closing of niche $193
Memorial engraving of niche $275

Rivercrest Columbarium Fee / Charge
Niche (16") $772
Niche (12") $551
Opening and closing of niche $193
Memorial engraving of niche $275

Additional Services and Fees Fee / Charge
Use of greens $34
Use of lowering device $34
Transfer of licence fee* $34
Installation of floral receptacle in a concrete base beside headstone (only permitted in Rivercrest Cemetery) $184
Fibreglass liner – (a) adult size $458
Fibreglass liner – (b) infant size $182
Fibreglass liner – (c) cremains $83

Note* Only the transfer of a License Fee for the Columbarium is permitted at the Elk Valley (Michel) Cemetery.