Through education and enforcement, the Bylaw Enforcement Officer works with residents, businesses and visitors to achieve bylaw compliance and foster a safe, healthy and respectful community

The goal of bylaw enforcement is to achieve voluntary compliance through education and the provision of information in order to preserve the quality of life of citizens in Sparwood.  The District's Bylaw Enforcement Officer investigates and responds to complaints received from citizens about bylaw violations in Sparwood.  

Respecting the rights of our neighbours and ensuring that our property values are maintained is an important aspect of community living. While there are certain areas of enforcement that are safety related and require proactive enforcement, the majority of the bylaws are enforced on a complaint only basis.

Common examples of activities or issues that are regulated by municipal bylaws include:
  • Property conditions, including graffiti
  • Excessive noise
  • Signs (unauthorized placement/construction)
  • Business licensing
  • Zoning (property use)
  • Building (construction, electrical and plumbing safety)
  • Snow/ice removal
  • Obstructions on streets or sidewalks
  • Illegal disposal of litter or garbage
  • Use of parks and other public spaces
  • Storm water management

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