Sparwood, BC is open for business!

Rocky Mountains, clean air and water, four seasons of incredible activity, a friendly community, and a thriving major industry. If you could do business anywhere in the world, this is one of the finest places to be.

Contact us and discover more about why this is an incredible place to live, play and work!

View what bidding opportunities are available in Sparwood.

Bid Opportunities

The District compiles a list of all business licences that have been issued for businesses operating within the District of Sparwood.

Business Directory

The Sparwood Chamber is a key community and provides a wealth of services. The Chamber's community involvement is exceptional and new members are always warmly welcomed.

Chamber of Commerce

District of Sparwood is actively seeking new and diverse businesses that want to be part of an authentic hard-working community in a spectacular setting.

Economic Development

The District of Sparwood is committed to helping you through the land development, building, and/or licensing process.

Develop a Property

The District of Sparwood is happy to offer assistance and information for businesses looking to start up in the region.

Start or Grow your BUSINESS

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