Our brand is designed to best resonate with people who find value and fulfillment in authenticity, approachability, heritage, nature, and wilderness

They are people who regard our region and community members with respect and importance. Sure, the people in our brand are our visitors; both those from just outside our region and in our own country, to those who visit us from abroad. But most importantly, our people are the members of our community. We live together, act together and are committed to strengthening and sharing our common values and vision.

Our look is a compilation of significant elements which help to elicit our stories, experiences, and the emotions that accompany them.

Our look draws on elements that give homage to our heritage, our community spirit, our solid nature, the contemporary nature of coal in our community, and our natural surroundings, and adventure. Our look is clean and not cluttered, sophisticated, but in no way condescending or ostentatious. We possess a look that is strong and bold. Our brand feel demonstrates confidence in simplicity and robustness in tone. Ultimately, our look is true to both our past and our present. 

The Sparwood logo is the beginning of our brand. It does not tell our entire story. However it does represent beginning of our brand.