Sparwood reminds residents about fire pit safety

As many people are enjoying the summer weather and outdoor activities, the Sparwood Fire Department would like to remind all residents of current fire pit regulations and the importance of fire pit inspections. As outlined in Bylaw 2975-1996, regulations state that fire pits may not exceed two feet in diameter and the flame may not surpass two feet in height. A fuel break is required at a minimum of one foot surrounding all campfires which includes removing grass and debris and utilizing non-combustible material such as steel or brick to reduce the risk of inadvertent escape. Portable and below ground fire pits must be located at least ten feet away from any structures or flammable material and are required to always be attended by an adult.

“Our fire pit program is designed to be consistent and fair to everyone,” says Sparwood Fire Chief Dean Spry. “We are doing inspections and developing the fire pit program to make the use of personal fire pits a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone.”

Sparwood Mayor Dave Wilks agrees with the importance of the regulations. “As a community, it is essential that everyone follows the rules put in place. We have all seen the devastation caused by fires and it should be the priority of each of us to use our fire pits in a responsible way. The inspection of recreational fire pits is not to make it difficult for residents to enjoy a campfire, but rather to ensure it is done so safely.”

Only natural firewood or commercial logs may be burned and burning construction material, debris and demolition waste is strictly prohibited. An approved Class A fire extinguisher, or other approved extinguishing equipment such as a garden hose and shovels or a minimum of eight liters of water must always be within reach and easily accessible when the fire pit is in use.

Contravention of an open fire prohibition, or an escaped fire leading to a wildfire may result in serious fines.

For more information, contact the Sparwood Fire Department at 250.425.0558