Reminder to Lock the Garbage Bins

The District of Sparwood would like to remind all residents on the importance of properly securing their garbage containers. Bears are actively on the prowl for food and unsecured garbage poses a severe risk for human-wildlife conflict. As always, it is the homeowners responsibility to ensure there are no wildlife attractants accessible on their property.

Garbage bins must be secured by clipping both snaphooks to the handles on the top of the carts. On collection day, after 5:00 a.m. clips can be unhooked, and carts placed on the curb so lids open toward the street at least one meter away from any obstacles. After collection, the bin must be re-locked and remain so, 24 hours a day. When storing the bin, ensure it is in a secure location, either indoors or chained to an anchor point.

Under the Community Standards Bylaw 1194, non-compliance can result in a fine of $250.00 under section 7.26 for failing to store or dispose of wildlife attractants.

Remember, a fed bear is a dead bear and locking up garbage is everyone’s responsibility.