Sparwood Students Tour Public Works

Students from Frank. J. Mitchell Elementary School had a blast learning about their community through a tour of the Sparwood Public Works yard. Mrs. MacCormack’s kindergarten students along with Mr. Cullins grade 5/6 class, gained a firsthand look at what’s behind the scenes in making the community what they see each day. Students toured the wastewater treatment plant, went for a ride in the sweeper truck, learned about pipes, the shop, the chipper and roller. Some who were feeling especially adventurous, cooled off in the spray of the fire hydrant.

“The children really love coming here,” says MacCormack. “Those students who have been here before were really excited to come back. This is such a great way for them to get out and see who takes care of the trees, the water and the things they need in their community.”

As students were shown to different stations each manned by public works employees, they had the opportunity to explore and understand the various facets of public works. They discovered how roots of trees can damage pipes, how wastewater is managed, where the sand comes from that is put on icy sidewalks and much, much more.  “I think this is a great way to showcase to students what public works is and what we do,” says Tyler Madsen, Director of Operations and Development. “They see all the different aspects of what it takes to maintain the town. They learn about things that most kids don’t even think of, like where the water goes when they empty the tub or what happens to the tree that was blown over. The employees here take great pride and have a lot of fun teaching the children about what they do.”

As their tour ended, students were treated to juice and a snack and thanked the public works team for a great day.