Zoning Bylaw 1100: Public Hearing

The District is initiating an amendment to Schedule C of the Official Zoning Maps by rezoning the following:

a. 1072 Highway 3 (Lot 1 DL 4589 KD Plan EPP4105) from A-1 (Agricultural Land) to M-1 (Light Industrial); and

b. 1302 Highway 3 (Lot 4 DL 4589 KD Plan NEP62835) from A-1 (Agricultural Land) to M-1 (Light Industrial).

Please see the attached draft Bylaw 1100 and Schedule A, which outlines the changes. Also attached is a general information map showing the lots and surrounding area that will require notice of this bylaw amendment. The two lots in question have a land use of Industrial in the District’s Official Community Plan and have already been exempted from the Agricultural Land Reserve.

The rezoning is to accompany future light industrial development. Some preliminary lot layout planning is currently underway for the area with some lots having sales pending.

Public hearing is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on September 4, 2012