Sparwood Fire Department: Pre Fire Planning

The Sparwood Fire Department is asking all commercial businesses within the District to allow access to a Department member for the creation of pre-fire plans for their building or portion thereof. Pre-fire plans consist of information and details such as floor plans, location of utilities, water flow requirements, building construction and contact information. These plans help the department make safe, efficient and educated decisions while fighting fire and help us contact you in the event of an incident.

If current floor plans exist of your building and you could provide copies to our members, this would be an invaluable contribution and greatly appreciated. If none are available, then a detailed floor plan will be produced by our members. Visits will be conducted during regular work week hours, or special arrangements can be made at your request. The size and complexity of each building will affect the length of the assessment and again, any help you can provide with this project would be greatly appreciated.

For more information, please feel free to contact Jim Jones - Director of Fire and Safety Services at 250-425-0558. A copy of all plans produced will be available to the building owner upon request.