Snow Buddies

Be a snow buddy in your neighbourhood this winter!

Many of our senior citizens, persons with disabilities and other residents find it difficult to remove the snow from their driveways in the wintertime. Please look around your neighbourhood and lend a helping hand to those who may not be able to clear their own driveways.

It's the neighbourly thing to do and one of the things that make Sparwood such a great community in which to live.

Each year the District of Sparwood will recognize individuals who assist seniors, persons with disabilities and other residents needing help during the winter months. In many cases neighbours already provide a helping hand by shoveling the snow off the sidewalks and driveways of those in need. The District of Sparwood would like to encourage all of our residents to extend their help to those needing assistance.

If you have a neighbour who regularly clears your snow this winter, the District of Sparwood would like to hear from you. You may submit a letter or an email nominating your Snow Buddy with a brief description of his/her good deeds. At the end of the season recognition will be given to these "Snow Buddies". | Contact Information >>>