Notice of Disposition: a Portion of Lot 245, along Pine Avenue

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of the District of Sparwood’s intention to consider the DISPOSITION OF A PORTION of Lot 245, District Lot 4589, Kootenay District Plan 6786 by way of sale agreement between the District of Sparwood and Larry and Sandra Henriet, owners of 458 Pine Avenue, at a price of $11,201.00.

Description of lands: 101 m2 of land adjacent to the southern boundary of 458 Pine Avenue, extending 3.66 metres from the property boundary.

A copy of the proposed sales agreement can be viewed at the office for the Manager of Planning, District Office, 136 Spruce Avenue during regular work hours. The sales agreement can also be viewed on the District website at For more information please contact Nelson Wight at 250.425.6271 or

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