FJM Kindergarten Class Pushes Sparwood's Buttons

The District of Sparwood has introduced three new LED illuminated crosswalks.  The District opted to go with solar powered LED crosswalks.  The lights have dual panels to ensure batteries are charged efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Sparwood Mayor, Cal McDougall said: “I am proud to introduce the new LED crosswalk system on Pine Avenue, as well as two similar crossing systems at the Rec Centre and on Red Cedar Drive.  These new interactive crosswalk systems will encourage students and pedestrians to be in control of alerting traffic while crossing the street safely.  The systems are solar powered and are controlled by pedestrian push button operation.”

Art Mortimer, Bylaw Enforcement Officer said: “We encourage all pedestrians to use the push buttons and make eye contact with oncoming vehicles to ensure they fully stop, before crossing.”

Above: Mayor Cal MacDougall, Robin Roszell, FJM PAC Chair, Principal Christine McKie and (Right) Bylaw Enforcement Officer Art Mortimer show the FJM Kindergarten class the safe use of the new LED crosswalks.

The LED crossings will serve as a reminder to drivers to let pedestrians cross when the lights are flashing.  The LED crossings were suggested by the Frank J. Mitchell Elementary School Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) in 2016 and Council added them to the 2017 budget.   A fresh new look utilizing bright LED lights should make drivers more aware of pedestrians when someone presses the button to cross the road.

On June 26, 2017, the Engineering Department completed the installation of the three LED systems; one on Red Cedar Drive, another just outside the Rec Centre and the last was installed on Pine Avenue next to Frank J Mitchell elementary school, where the pedestrian walkway connects to Sparwood Heights.

For further information, contact Danny Dwyer, in the Engineering Department at (250) 425 6271 or email