Category : Closed Bids

Invitation to Quote: Chlorination System Replacement

The District of Sparwood invites interested parties to submit price quotations for design and supply a saltwater chlorination system for the Sparwood Aquatic Center’s main pool and hot tub. Interested parties must submit their price quotations by April 17, 2017, 4:00 pm MDT.

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Plans Request for Proposals (RFP)

The District is seeking proposals from qualified Engineering Consultants to develop “Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Plans” intended to assist the District in strategic direction, asset management initiatives and both short and long term decision making. Deadline: March 7, 2017 Local Time.

RFQ: Sidewalk, Curb, and Gutter

The Project includes but is not limited to: Concrete forming, pouring, finishing and sealing of approximately 175m2 of sidewalks (100mm depth) and approximately 130m of curb and gutter. 

RFQ: Conduit Spanning 656 Sparwood Drive

The Project includes but is not limited to: installation of approximately 76m of 1 - 75mm DB2 conduit (sweep to surface and cap each end), 600mm depth on a compacted 150mm sand layer and restoring the surface. Deadline is: 13:59:59 (MDT), TUESDAY September 6th, 2016. 

Tender for Road Line Painting

The Project includes but is not limited to: Road Line and Parking Stall Painting.

Deadline for submissions is no later than 13:59:59 (MDT), THURSDAY, May 5th, 2016