Updated Notice of Construction - Buckthorn Road

The District of Sparwood is planning to make repairs to the sanitary sewer collection system in Buckthorn in October 2016.

This project will involve a Cast in Place Pipe (CIPP) liner system where a liner is inserted into the old clay pipe and then hardened to create a new pipe, inside the old one. Sewer services will be blocked off during this process and then the active ones will be reamed out and re-activated. The process will block off old abandoned services and reduce the flow of groundwater into the sewer collection system. Traffic flow may be restricted in specific areas during the work.

This work will start and finish in November 2016, depending on the weather.

The Contractor will provide more detailed notice to residents and contact affected homeowners to identify the active services and advise them of the timing of any service disruptions.

The work was awarded to Superior City Services Ltd. for approximately $75,000 which is substantially less than digging up and replacing lines.

The work will now involve the use of a styrene resin, something that will produce more odour when it is being prepared and installed. The District asks residents around Buckthorn Road not to be overly alarmed at this as it is only temporary and is expected with this type of work.

Lining pipes in this area is a good investment as it will help prevent pipe failure and reduce the unnecessary infiltration and load on the District’s wastewater treatment plant, thus prolonging its lifespan.

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Call Terry Fuhlbohm or Danny Dwyer at the District of Sparwood Engineering Department at (250) 425-6271 or email sparwood@sparwood.ca