Declaration of Candidates for the 2018 General Local Election

Kevin Allen, Chief Election Officer for the District of Sparwood, declared (Declaration of Candidates), pursuant to section 97 of the Local Government Act, the following persons as candidates in the 2018 General Local and School Election:

Candidates for the office of Mayor:
  • Joyce Kutzner, Sparwood
  • David Wilks, Sparwood
  • Joanne Wilton, 427B Engelmann Spruce Drive, Sparwood
Candidates for the offices of Councillor:
  • Wendy Angus, Sparwood
  • John Baher, 8468 Baher Road North, Sparwood
  • Hungry Baytaluke, 259 Blue Spruce Crescent, Sparwood
  • Brad Bowen, 414 Willow Place, Sparwood
  • Amy Cardozo, 1270 Ponderosa Drive, Sparwood
  • Jason Christensen, Sparwood
  • Josh Frere, 1255 Pinyon Road, Sparwood
  • Joe Jarina, 411 Engelmann Spruce Drive, Sparwood
  • Art Mortimer, 446 Engelmann Spruce Drive, Sparwood
  • Sonny Saad, Sparwood
  • Simon Senycz, Sparwood
Candidates for the office of School Trustee:
  • Bev Bellina, 461 Engelmann Spruce Drive, Sparwood, School District No. 5 (Southeast Kootenay), Trustee Electoral Area 2.