Changes to Commercial & Multi-Family Garbage Pick-Up

Council will be considering allowing commercial businesses and multi-family developments to contract their own garbage pick-up at the September 5, 2017 regular meeting. Council identified the investigation of replacement options for its existing aging garbage truck with an automated waste collection system as one of their 2017 strategic priorities within the Corporate Strategic Plan. In addition to the need to replace the garbage truck, the condition of the commercial bins (which are the same ones used by multi-family developments) are in serious need of replacement.  The cost to replace the commercial bins alone would be up to $150,000.

On July 24, 2017, at a special meeting, Council resolved to consider a resolution at the September 5, 2017 regular meeting:

THAT effective January 1, 2018 the District would no longer pick up commercial bins, which would allow the business community to contract directly with their preferred waste disposal company for all commercial garbage collection. Comments on the proposed resolution must be received in writing by September 1, 2017.

The options for commercial garbage collection in Sparwood are:
  • Allowing businesses and multi-family developments to contract directly with the waste service provider of their choice to enable them to select the service which best suits their needs; or
  • For the District of Sparwood to contract out commercial garbage pick-up and convey that cost directly to the business owners and multi-family developments. This option may reduce the individual cost of the service, however, it would remove any flexibility in the number of pick-ups a business or strata may choose to receive.

Once the change has been implemented, commercial bins that will contain waste which would be an animal attractant must be bear resistant rated (excluding multi-family developments which are currently required to enclose their garbage bins). This change will be in keeping with Council’s strategic priority to mitigate wildlife-human conflicts in Sparwood. For more information on the proposed change, please view the Director of Operations report to Council. Click here to download a print version.

We want your input – here’s how you can get involved!

What should we do? How should we do it? We need to hear from Sparwood businesses and strata councils on what their priorities are and the proposed resolution either in writing prior to the deadline for written submissions or at the regular meeting on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at 1:00 pm in Council Chambers, Municipal Office, 136 Spruce Avenue, Sparwood.

Please send your comments, in writing, regarding the proposed resolution to the attention of Tyler Madsen, Director of Operations on or before September 1, 2017 via:

  • Mail: District of Sparwood, Box 520, Sparwood, BC V0B 2G0;
  • In person: 136 Spruce Avenue, Sparwood; or
  • Email: