BC Wildfire Service Newsletter

BC Wildlife Service issued a newsletter on August 26, 2017 to remind citizens of current bans in place within the Southeast Fire Centre area.  Campfires and the use of off-road and on-road vehicles on Crown Land for recreation purposes continues to be banned. Residents who hold valid firewood permits are asked to avoid cutting firewood in the forests so as not to cause any additional fires. Please remember that if you cause or contribute to a wildfire, you may be ordered to pay all fire-fighting and associated costs.

For more information on the status of wildfires in BC and prohibitions, please view the BC Wildlife Services newsletter or call 1.888.3FOREST or visit www.bcwildfire.ca.

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Upcoming Community Events:

  • start Sep 27, 2018, 6:15 PM - end Sep 27, 2018, 8:30 PM
    Join Teck as they present an update on their work on water quality in the Elk Valley.
  • start Sep 30, 2018, 1:00 PM - end Sep 30, 2018, 4:00 PM
    Join the Elk River Alliance for the 8th Annual Elk River Shoreline Clean-up!
  • start Oct 17, 2018, 6:00 PM - end Oct 17, 2018, 8:30 PM
    The public is invited to the fourth annual EMC public meeting on October 17 in Elkford. Attendees can learn more about the environmental monitoring programs required by Permit 107517 and the data collected in the region. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about the work that has been completed in the past year.