Sparwood Mosquito Control Program Set To Begin

The District of Sparwood will soon be starting the annual Mosquito Control Program to control nuisance and vector mosquitoes. This program is being initiated once again for the safety and benefit of the public.    

During this time Duka Environmental staff, wearing high-visibility vests and name tags, will be accessing properties known to have larval mosquito development habitat (i.editches, cattail marshes, ponds, or temporarily flooded areas) on a regular basis to sample for larvae. 

With physical distancing protocols in place due to the COVID-19 PandemicDuka Environmental staff will not be directly contacting residents by knocking on doors.  Instead, doorknob hangers will be utilized to communicate site findings, treatments, and applicable contact information.  Residents who have questions regarding the program are encouraged to approach Duka Environmental Field staff while maintaining appropriate physical distancing.  

For more information on the Mosquito Control Program contact the District of Sparwood at 250.425.6271.