2018 Mosquito Control Update

There has been a significant increase in mosquito complaints this year. Our mosquito control contractor is monitoring all the regular sites every week and there has been little evidence of any significant quantities of larvae at all in almost all of them.

It is a pretty unique year this year with record early flooding in many places in May and in fact, the snowmelt dissipated earlier than in any year since 2010. We also had extremely low rainfall in May and June together with relatively high Graphs of water levels and temperaturetemperatures (see the Environmental Summary on the side). So, all in all, it's turned out to be a pretty dry year.

With comparatively high river levels in early May, flooding occurred in some areas that usually aren’t susceptible to being flooded. These places likely contained dormant eggs that may have been there for several years. Due to the lower number of dip counts this year, we decided not to do an aerial in May and so some adult mosquitos would undoubtedly have got away.  Many of these may also be a particularly aggressive floodwater species known as Aedes sticticus, that has been encountered in large numbers this year in the Fraser Valley and is known to follow a seven year cycle in abundance. In fact, it was the most abundant species found in Sparwood in 2011.

The problem is that adult Aedes stictucus can fly anything between five and ten kilometers and so even though we are controlling what is happening within Sparwood there are still plenty of adults migrating into our area. This spell of very hot weather over the next few days will definitely bring down the numbers of adults as the one thing they hate more than anything is hot dry conditions.

To report instances of nuisance mosquitoes, please fill out the online form at www.sparwood.ca/mosquito, contact the Engineering Department at sparwood@sparwood.ca, or call 250.425.6271.  Please include your name, instance location, and contact information when reporting instances of nuisance mosquitoes.

For more information about the Sparwood Nuisance Mosquito Control Program, tips for controlling mosquitoes or how to take personal precautionary measures, visit the District of Sparwood website at www.sparwood.ca/mosquito.